About the Program

The aim of PPGCI/UFSCar is to strengthen the field of Information Science, producing new knowledge and methods for innovation, considering its social and integrative  perspective. As a field that investigates the flux and systematization of processes of production, access and use of information, Information Science constitutes a field for advancing and improving the processes of innovation, from both social and technological perspectives. In this context, the goal of the PPGCI is to prepare Masters in Information Science with scientific and investigative abilities, who are able to foster critical analysis and knowledge advancement in the area. At the same time, this researcher will be able to perform in complex and diverse settings, to resolve problems that involve information, being able to optimize resources and strategies, providing dynamism and intensification to innovative actions. Added to those characteristics is the acquisition of theoretical and methodological tools and resources that will allow the qualified Masters to construct a career in academic environments, focusing on higher education practices. In summary, the Program seeks to form a critical citizen with explicit competencies for research, education and innovation.